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Beauty and art has so much powers that can be tools for fighting in any issues!
Special hand made artwork created for strong guardian Amazonia project for Monograma!
When you have no much tools for show -
you can use only imagination for bringing to life your ideas!
This work include pain and hope and fightiness!
I escape from Ukraine when I almost done this work on digital,
but I left my computer, and start old-school way to create
this really
#Guardian project 🀩 proud and Excited!
Full of Energy and Hope for this

Materials: color pencils, pens, markers, paper. Style: old-school craft.
Artist: Ukrainian -
Ulka Mak
Geo Location:


MONOGRAMA was created to promote creativity and art that educates, supporting worldwide efforts to combat climate change, hunger, poverty, and inequality. Thirty percent of all sales are destined to fund social impact projects, which are selected via vote by the MONOGRAMA community. Sales from our inaugural SuperRare collection GUARDIAN will fund projects for the Paiter Surui and Cinta Larga indigenous people of Brasil.


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